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I started Week #2 of Physical Therapy today. I thought this was about my recovery from a severely sprained ankle resulting from breaking my leg almost 4 months ago.... but it's starting to be bigger than me!!

Last Friday I had to "hop" on the stationary bike first thing for about 10 mins. Next to me is a woman who was also warming up on a bike... I politely asked if she had been injured. She told me she had stage 4 bone cancer and was having to come to PT to be strong enough to walk.

I shared with her how I had cancer and how it was now gone. I told her nothing was impossible with God and she agreed! That was all I needed was her agreement. I told her all she needed was faith the size of a mustard seed and God can grow that thing so big and so fast it would blow her mind.

Today, at PT, I did not recognize her. She was glowing and smiling. Her eyes sparkled with hope when she waved at me across the room. There was a different vibe in there today. People were joyful and making great progress!!

I quietly pray for the others when I am in there - It actually helps me get through the painful therapy I have to endure. I know God will not waste these sessions. I expect EVERYONE to find healing and restoration as they take their faith with them to Physical Therapy!

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