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I'm Dr. Cindye Coates

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About Dr. Cindye Coates

Dr. Cindye is a dedicated theologian whose enthusiasm for truth is wonderfully contagious. She is a gifted communicator who makes ridiculously complicated things surprisingly simple as they relate to Scripture.  By empowering Believers to understand how to think as opposed to being told what to think, she uproots centuries of misinformation based on repetitive inaccuracies. Many have gained clarity and hope to envision a fearless future based on her solid teaching ministry which exudes from the nurturing heart of a mother.

AF seasoned educator, Dr. Cindye has taught every core subject from K5-college. While spending many years writing curriculum and teaching the Bible, Ancient World History and Christian Worldview in churches and private schools, Dr. Cindye earned a Master of Divinity degree from Christian Life School of Theology. She later earned a doctorate degree in Theology from Life College & Seminary where she now serves as provost – overseer of curriculum.

Early Life

Dr. Cindye was born in 1960 (Cindye Noles) - a 7th generation Atlantan, raised by a single mother. At an early age she had a love for God and a devoted interested in the Bible, going to church and singing in the choir. At the age of 8, she made a public decision to follow Christ at an open-air crusade in a local high school football stadium and was baptized in the Baptist church soon after the crusade.

It was that same year, she became a cheerleader and continued through high school. She went on to cheer for the NFL (Atlanta Falcons). This opened a door to become a keynote speaker for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes where she shared her testimony of overcoming teenage alcohol addiction and led hundreds to follow Christ. Because of this, she was honored as a Goodwill Ambassador in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

Miraculous Healing:

As noted above, Dr. Cindye received Christ at the age of 8 in the Summer of 1969 was baptized in the Baptist church. However, when she was a sophomore in high school, she became an alcoholic. Then in 1977, she was baptized in the Holy Spirit the desire for alcohol was instantly lifted. It was a miraculous deliverance from fear and anxiety which was the underlying issue that caused the need for alcohol.

In the winter of 1979, Dr. Cindye had been diagnosed with leukemia when a friend whom she had known in 6th grade, came to her home to pray for her headache (not knowing anything else was wrong). The next doctor’s appointment showed no sign of leukemia.

In 1999, Dr. Cindye was driving in a van with her mother. A jeep hit her and flipped the van over. Both she and her mother were removed from the vehicle by the fire department with the “jaws of life” – a tool used to pry off the windshield. Dr. Cindye’s mother had five cracked ribs and Dr. Cindye was crippled as her hips had been crushed. After three days of taking pain medicine, she was quickened by the Holy Spirit to take communion in her home. The pain started to subside, and she regained the ability to walk again.

In 2014, Dr. Cindye had developed a malignant tumor from the car wreck mentioned above. God gave her faith to see a doctor who sent her to the best surgeon in the world, based nearby in Atlanta. She kept hearing in the Spirit, “The same God that heals pays the bills.” The surgery was successful with no radiation or chemo. The cost was $53,000 and it was completely paid for in full.

Notable Achievements:

Dr. Cindye’s love for her community led her to run for public office after being approached by her neighbors to do so. She was honored three times as the Conservative Nominee for the Georgia State House of Representatives: 2004, 2006, and 2008.  This caused her to become very active in public policy and government affairs.

In 2006, Dr. Cindye became an Award-winning Speaker for Toastmasters International. She was recognized for being a proficient in both Inspirational and Motivational Speaking using humor and the ability to tell compelling stories that deeply touch the hearts of audiences.

Current Ministry Projects:

Dr. Cindye can be heard on her listener-supported podcast, PRESENT TRUTH MATTERS, which is aired on all major platforms including Charisma Podcast Network, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Audible, Google Play, and iHeart Radio. Just after the launch in March 2022, listeners in 39 nations subscribed. The impact is tremendous as there is a growing movement to understand the finished work of Christ and the modern-day mission of the Church!

In addition to the podcast ministry, Dr. Cindye has an Accredited “HEALING SCHOOL” on YouTube. In the 9- Course Lessons she shares her testimonies of being healed of leukemia, crippled from a car wreck, and healed of endometrial cancer. Countless people have been impacted by the power of God’s Word on these videos.

Live Zoom Classes, E-Courses, and Recorded Video Classes in our Facebook Group are available for anyone desiring to earn college credit and specific teaching certifications in Fulfilled Eschatology and Life Coaching.

Dr. Coates will soon publish her long-awaited book, “The Fulfilled Prophecies of Jesus” – What Every Prophet Needs to Know – a Verse-by-Verse Study of Matthew 24 Fulfilled.  Over 700 scholars have joined the Facebook Group, “Study MATTHEW 24 Fulfilled.”


Dr. Cindye resides in North Atlanta along with her husband of 38 years, Dr. Stan Coates who is a 3-time nominated Grammy winner for Gospel music.  Together they have planted 7 churches and continue to travel and edify the Body of Christ. They are the parents of two adult sons: Kyle (34) married and Tyler (28) a licensed and ordained minister and worship leader who serves at their home church, The Porch, just north of Atlanta, Georgia.


Dr. Cindye works tirelessly to create resources to equip leaders all over the world who are making disciples. The faithful support of ministry partners makes this work possible.   Below are the various ways to send support.

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