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It’s not by chance you clicked on this site. I believe this is a divine connection. God led you here. To be totally honest, I’ve spent years in prayer and preparation to help you and your friends have greater understanding of truth. As a teacher, it is my joy to educate and not indoctrinate. I love showing people how to apply critical thinking skills, so they know how to think, as opposed to telling them what to think. There is nothing more exciting than discovering truth as the Holy Spirit confirms you are on the right track. That is the best!

Please give me your e-mail so we can correspond. I want to answer your questions and help you in any way I can. I will be letting you know what’s new, who will be my special podcast guests, and where I will be speaking live. Also, when you subscribe to my podcast, I can send you my show notes – everyone loves the show notes!

Again, I truly believe this is a divine connection! You are here for a reason!

Your Friend in Present Truth,

Dr. Cindye



Each episode is like a puzzle piece bringing clarity to an exciting modern-day Christ-centered worldview filled with hope and unlimited potential. Dr. Cindye Coates is a theologian who also taught History, Government & Economics. You will not want to miss a single life-changing podcast.

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Dr. Cindye Coates

Dr. Cindye is a dedicated theologian whose enthusiasm for truth is wonderfully contagious. She is a gifted communicator who makes ridiculously complicated things surprisingly simple as it relates to Scripture.  By empowering Believers to understand how to think as opposed to being told what to think, she uproots centuries of misinformation based on repetitive inaccuracies. Many have gained clarity and hope to envision a fearless future based on her solid teaching ministry which exudes from the nurturing heart of a mother.


As a seasoned educator, Dr. Cindye has taught every core subject from K5-college. While spending many years writing curriculum and teaching the Bible, Ancient World History, and Christian Worldview in churches and private schools, Dr. Cindye earned a Master of Divinity degree from Christian Life School of Theology. She later earned a doctorate degree in Theology from Life College & Seminary where she now serves as provost – overseer of curriculum.

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